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Payment Methods

Payment Terms

How do I start a project?

Register your company on the website, once approved; you can create as many projects as you like. Within each project you can simply add the jobs roles required for that project, we handle the rest. In a nutshell, you tell our platform, the skills you require, the duration, the location and number of subcontractors and we do the rest.

How do I find a contractor?

You don’t, we do that, we match them, agree terms with them and then manage them throughout the duration of your requirements. Our skilled team manages this process, so you only require the minimal activity on our platform to get the maximum potential from it.

Do I need to pay the Contractor?

No, we manage this process for you, we deal directly with the sub-contractor on your behalf. We manage them for you from end to end. You will receive weekly invoices and reports to make validation of work a breeze.

Do I have to pay to register?

No, our platform is free to use.

Do I have to provide accommodation?

No, we manage this aspect for the sub-contractors but if you have accommodation this can help reduce your costs.

Do I need an employment contract with the contractor?

No, as we manage the sub-contractors and the contracts, on your behalf we deal with them so you can focus on the project and not the contractors.

Can I sign up as a Contractor?

Yes, if your skilled and experienced we would love to hear from you, simply click on the Apply for Job at the top of this site.


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