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You have a construction engineering project to deliver on time in the UK? You need extra skilled hands, but don’t want new employees? There’s a solution for you! Construction and construction engineering sub-contractors! UK sub-contractors and the right experienced team to manage them are the best solution you can find.



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USST Sub-Contractor Management

We are USST, a utilities management company which provides construction and construction engineering sub-contractors for hire for short and fixed term periods, to help you finish your projects quickly and efficiently. Our UK sub-contractors are experienced and knowledgeable. These hardworking and diligent sub-contractors abide by proper safety certification, compliance, licensing and security measures.


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USST is a utilities sub contractor management company

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USST Construction Sub-Contractors

We provide you not with prospective employees, but rather with workers you can hire per project, or for a fixed term period. Win your construction project contract, then hire from our construction and construction engineering sub-contractors pool and complete the construction project on time and under budget. It’s as simple as that. We have the continuity of supply so we can scale to meet your labour demands on short notice.


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USST is a utilities sub contractor management company

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Experienced Sub-Contractors Management UK Team

When you need your construction project contracts completed with expertise and in a timely fashion, USST is here to help. We not only have a large pool of UK sub-contractors we also manage them from end to end, on your behalf, including making sure that they have their safety passes and managing their payroll requirements.

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